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In the southern part of Apulia there is a peninsula washed by both the Ionian and the Adriatic seas: this is Salento, a borderland almost just a step away from Greece and Albania. Savoured slowly with no hurry, it can offer a thousand different emotions.

At the centre of the Mediterranean, it offers untamed nature, breathtaking scenery, infinite vistas of olive trees, and masterpieces of the Baroque. Lecce is the main city, but there are also a hundred delightful villages.

A treasury of history, with very ancient relics like the megalithic dolmen and menhir (Palaeolithic monuments) in Terra d'Otranto, the Byzantine treasures in the churches, the frescoes in the underground crypts, the Roman basilicas, the Aragon castles, the coast towers protecting a population always ready to fight off invaders: from the Turks to the Normans, the Spanish to Greeks. And then there are the 200km of coastline, beautiful beaches and coves, bays, cliffs, grottos. Or there are original museums, examples of industrial archaeology like the former Lamarque tannery in Maglie, craftsmen of design, Salento fashion, farms of ancient tradition from where to procure provisions, and restaurants in old mills below ground where the delights of local cuisine can be enjoyed: orecchiette con le cime di rapa pasta with turnip tops, ciceri e tria (pasta with chickpeas), parmigiana (a sort of aubergine lasagne).

Lastly, the music and dance of the Salento region: the “pizzica” style, a unique and lively style popular among the people. This is no longer the music to help cure the "tarantate" (women who had been bitten the poisonous "taranta" spider), but the expression of a Salento full of energy and vitality.

It can be heard everywhere on the air, particularly in the summer. It floats across the beaches, through small villages, in the country and in town. It’s hard to resist.

SS 476 Cutrofiano-Supersano
Contrada Masseria Pizzofalcone

Our satellite coordinates:
40°01'46.7"N 18°13'34.4"E
40.029648, 18.226213

Our exact position can be seen on Google Maps.


Aeroporti di Puglia - www.seap-puglia.it
Salento in bus - www.salentoinbus.provincia.le.it
Ferrovie Sud-Est - www.fseonline.it
Provincia di Lecce - www.provincia.le.it

Road signposts starting from:

By car: take the A14 motorway to the “Bari Nord” exit. Take the S.S. 16 towards Brindisi-Lecce and, when reaching Lecce, go onto the West Circular road (Tangenziale Ovest). Exit for “Maglie-Otranto” and continue for about 30 km until the first exit for Maglie. From here continue for 5 km along the Maglie Ring Road (Tangenziale) following the signs for Gallipoli-Collepasso. Go onto the S.P. 361 and, at the first roundabout, take the direction for Supersano, travelling along the S.P. 362 Cutrofinao-Supersano until reaching the signpost for Masseria Pizzofalcone which will tell you to turn right.

By train: take the Ferrovie dello Stato to Lecce, and from there continue on the Ferrovie Sud-Est to Maglie.

By plane: Brindisi Airport (about 90km distant). Go to Lecce on the shuttle bus that meets the main incoming flights, and from Lecce take the train or bus (operating in the summer months) to Maglie.

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